Internet Safety Conference Exhibition

About the Exhibition

On the sidelines of the conference “Young People in the Internet and Mobile Age; Safe and Empowered!” participants will get a unique opportunity to visit an exhibition dedicated to the awareness efforts related to the topic of Internet safety.

Safer Together Corner

Under the theme ‘Safer Together’ the “Net- Aman” Group will showcase their work regarding efforts currently in the pipeline to develop guidelines for the safe use of the Internet for the young people and children of Egypt.

Another booth under the title of “Let’s Learn The Language” familiarizes the society with the role of parents and caregivers in protecting their families and offering advice and instructions on how to use the Internet safely. The corner also invites more parents to engage in this activity highlighting the theme “Join the Parents”.

Inside the Safer Together booth, visitors will get a chance to see the recently localized awareness messages developed in collaboration with Childnet. Those messages are targeting youth and children using internet and mobile services.

Empowering Youth

The ‘Empowering Youth’ corner presents young people’s achievements in using state-of-the-art technologies to create programs, applications or content related to Egypt, peace and cultural dialogue and understanding. Trainers will also showcase training programs and content on these domains.

Projects on display in the exhibition include:

The Magazine: A power point entertainment interactive magazine. A combination of sound, text, animation and photos.

Read Peace: website highlighting the importance of reading in spreading the concept of peace. Notably, Read Peace has dedicated a special section on the significant role of Egypt’s First Lady in creating an annual national festival promoting reading, ‘Reading for All’.

How would we make the world a better place?!! This project places emphasis on three different sections which are education, reading and peace in an interlinked format. Each section has its own sub-links providing carefully selected content. is an online platform provided by Oracle. The history of ancient Egypt has been represented in that project along with another project about the Arabic Child project.

Test Yourself: A useful tool that assists 1st preparatory students to revise, practice and test themselves in a user-friendly interactive format.

Sports: A website that offers comprehensive information about a wide variety of sports and games with the ability to play simple games online.

Fun Area

The Fun Area is dedicated to showcase a selection of awareness practices/activities conducted around the world (from games to awareness campaigns) where conference participants can explore themselves. The Fun Area also displays hi-tech tools and awareness raising applications provided by IT multinational corporations.

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  • Sessions Briefing

    Briefing of all the plenaries and sessions of the “Internet Safety for Youth and Children” conference

  • Day 2, Session IV

    Developing effective regulation and police responses is crucial if society is to protect youth on the Internet. Session IV will bring together representatives from regulatory bodies and law enforcement.

  • Day 2, Session III

    Many companies around the world have undertaken important strides to address child online safety issues. Session III will hear from industry players on what solutions they have made, and they will be asked to prioritize two key recommendations for a coordinated industry safeguarding strategy.

  • Day 2, Session II

    The session, which is prepared by the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP), aims to encourage debates around the complex web of issues, assumptions and trade offs that must be addressed if progress is to be made in improving online safety and security at the personal, national and international levels.