The UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development

The launch of the Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) was approved by the UN Secretary General to link the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society with the broader UN development agenda. The mission of the Alliance is to respond to the need and demand for an inclusive global forum and platform for cross-sectoral policy dialogue, conducted in an open, multi- stakeholder and transparent manner, on the use of ICT for enhancing the achievement of internationally agreed development goals, including the MDGs and notably reduction of poverty. The relation between youth empowerment and ICT is one of the topics of interest to the GAID.

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  • Sessions Briefing

    Briefing of all the plenaries and sessions of the “Internet Safety for Youth and Children” conference

  • Day 2, Session IV

    Developing effective regulation and police responses is crucial if society is to protect youth on the Internet. Session IV will bring together representatives from regulatory bodies and law enforcement.

  • Day 2, Session III

    Many companies around the world have undertaken important strides to address child online safety issues. Session III will hear from industry players on what solutions they have made, and they will be asked to prioritize two key recommendations for a coordinated industry safeguarding strategy.

  • Day 2, Session II

    The session, which is prepared by the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP), aims to encourage debates around the complex web of issues, assumptions and trade offs that must be addressed if progress is to be made in improving online safety and security at the personal, national and international levels.