The Cyber Peace Camp

The Cyber Peace Initiative, launched at the International Youth Forum in Sharm el Sheikh 1-3 September 07, is a dynamic process that aims at systematically enhancing usage of ICT and internet based tools to disseminate the culture of peace. The objective of the Initiative is to enable youth to participate actively in the communication, intercultural understanding, empathy creation, exploration of different cultural and national realities, as well as skills development that underlie sustainable peace enhancement.

The Initiative is a joint effort between the Suzanne Mubarak Women’s International Peace Movement, in coordination with Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and in partnership with The International Telecommunication Union, the UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Intel.

Track three of the Initiative encourages gatherings for youths, where youth leaders from around the globe will get together to share views and learn skills on how best to use ICTs in enhancing the peace culture.

The Cyber Peace Camp Prior to the ITU Youth Forum May 2008

In the context of implementing track 3 of the Initiative, the first Cyber Peace Camp will be held on the 8th of May prior to the ITU Youth Forum 2008. The Cyber Peace Camp will address the potential of ICTs in furthering the peace message and understanding ICT for development. The camp will also aim at raising the values of team work and encourage cultural exchange among participants.

Participants at the Cyber Peace camp will take part in a number of sessions of the ITU Youth Forum which will start on the 10th of May 2008.

During the Cyber Peace Camp, thirty Egyptian Youth Ambassadors will be trained on some of the following skills:
  • Enhancing ICT skills, soft skills, e-content development and management to serve the peace culture.
  • Developing entrepreneurship values.
  • Enhancing Innovation.
  • Serving as Egyptian Ambassadors at the ITU Africa Youth Forum 2008; to activate the Cyber Peace Initiative on the regional level.

Documents releated to the Cyber Peace Camp
  • Cyber Peace Camp Note
  • Cyber Peace Camp Program
  • Cyber Peace Camp Schedule
Documents releated to the ITU Youth Forum 2008
  • Youth Forum Schedule
  • Youth Forum Declaration

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